Juvenile Crimes


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Kevin assists those individuals in the pursuit and defense of their constitutional rights from initial charging through all motions and hearings, to include Suppression Hearings and trials. He also represents clients at the appellate level in the State Appellate Court and the Washington State Supreme Courts. He specialized in serious felony matters with an emphasis on proceeding with these matters to jury trial. He has tried well over one hundred and fifty jury trials with a high degree of success, conducting approximately fifteen to twenty jury trials per year. If you’re looking for an attorney who cares about your legal rights and future then pick up the phone and call Kevin L. Holt.


I have more than 30 years of legal experience focused on pursuing and obtaining resolutions to complex juvenile issues. I have represented both parents and their children, which provides me with the insight into juvenile delinquency, dependency actions and other troubling matter. I help both adults and children get thorough the process of the juvenile court system. I do this in many ways, for example, providing in-depth information throughout their case. I make sure to explain the process and what to expect.

I’m aware of the emotional struggles a family faces when going through the process of the juvenile courts. I’m sensitive to the matters at hand when addressing the legal issues. This might be your families’ first legal experience or might be an ongoing situation. I always take the time to evaluate long-term consequences when advising clients and I am committed to protecting clients’ rights and future at every stage of their case. I have worked with many juveniles and adults in my 30 plus years of legal experience in a variety of legal areas.

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If your family is dealing with a juvenile law matter, I welcome the opportunity to review the facts of your situation and recommend the best course of action Call Kevin L. Holt at (509) 735-6520. We can discuss your specific case in a free no-obligation consultation. For legal help with another criminal defense charge, call Kevin L. Holt today.

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