Meet Kevin L. Holt

Attorney at Law

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  • Excellent Criminal Defense Attorney, Mr. holt gets in and gets things done, And he works for you. I don't think Prosecution enjoys going against Mr. Holt. (Personal Opinion of Mine Through Observation). So glad we hired him.

    - Shannon Miller

  • Defense of My Son, Mr. Holt was indispensable in the defense of my son, who was charged with domestic violence by his ex-wife. Mr. Holt did extensive investigations into the allegations, and found them to be false. The information that Mr. Holt obtained led the Prosecutor to dismiss the charges, and to avoid a trial.

    - Michael

  • Impressive representation, Kevin went above and beyond to help my son through a very difficult situation. We were very pleased with the outcome. We most definitely recommend him for anyone seeking legal help.

    - Terrah

  • Highly Recommended, My experience with Kevin Holt was very good. I needed a lawyer that could look into my case due to me being charged for causing a 3 car accident which i did not cause. At the time of the accident i had a concussion and couldn't remember what had happened and Pasco PD decided to cite me a ticket based on hear say and no evidence. Next morning when my head cleared I started remembering everything and decided to hire a lawyer for the very 1st time. Kevin listened to everything I had to say, looked at the facts and said he will fight for me. He's a great lawyer and knows how to get witnesses to bring out the truth. I went from "being the reason" for a 3 car collision to a clean record and all infractions dropped! I would recommend him to anyone, 5 stars all the way.

    - Dennis

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